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The Barrington Public Library -What’s Not to Love?


Where do we—the lovers of the Barrington Public Library—begin? February was Library Lovers Month and in a corner of the BPL paper hearts with notes of adoration were posted from admirers of all ages.

And the hearts were plentiful.

Not only were you greeted by the beauty of these hand-made objects, but an illustration of the opportunities that the library provides its patrons. A book, a lesson in learning, a concert, a book club, a new skill, an escape into the world of movies, or expert assistance in finding your adventure of the day.

“Dear Library,” starts one. “How do I love you? Let me count ways… You take me on trips with great books. You make me laugh, smile, and cook. You entertain my children. And you do it all for free.”

“Your books, movies, staff, and classes (thank you, Kyle) have provided me with all I need by way of ‘connection.’”

“It’s a gift to be living in Barrington, thanks for all your services.”

“The library is such a welcoming and happy place to be.”

“My family and I love all the fun activities put on by Siobhan and Tanya.”


“I love books.” “I love making cool stuff in the Maker Place.”

It takes a village to accomplish all that our library affords us, but as the hearts so aptly revealed, the common denominator is passion. Everyone who contributes to the library’s success is filled with a passion for learning and for sharing knowledge. A family of library professionals and volunteers all working together for one goal, egos aside.

Did you know that the Barrington Public Library is one of Rhode Island’s most widely used, ranking first in cardholders per capita? Our tax dollars provide for the day-to-day operation, but the generous nature of the community has allowed us to flourish and grow.

We, the community members, help support the library with donations to the Trustees’ Annual Fund to fund library enhancements and capital projects not covered by local tax revenues. The Friends of the Barrington Public Library support over 80 percent of the programming and library services such as museum passes, Providence Journal Online subscriptions, and so much more through book sales and donations.

Barrington Public Library, where you belong. What’s not to love?



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